Is gaming fun or addiction? What do you think?

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2 min readMay 10, 2023

Gaming is fun, or addiction is one of the most asked questions in our group. During school time, some of our group members said that Gaming is all about fun; however, a few friends responded with their favourite game names. Some of them said “Dishonoured”, “Far Cry 3”, “Mass Effect”, and so on. In result, the discussion got diverted to the new topics, which game has newly launched. Did you play that? I will buy it for sure! and so on.

The question was still unanswered till this writing; maybe you also didn’t find the right answer before and searched for the same. So, here I write what I found: Gaming is not an addiction. Indeed, I’m sure whatever I’m saying. Let’s dive into the topic and read more.

It’s actually the longest study ever done on the topic of “Video game addiction”. According to study findings, about 90% of gamers play in a way that isn’t harmful or causes negative long-term consequences. That’s a relief, right?

However, there’s still a significant minority of gamers who can become truly addicted to video games. And unfortunately, when that happens, they can suffer mentally, socially, and behaviorally. It’s a reminder that moderation is key when it comes to any hobby or activity, even the fun and exciting world of Gaming.

“The aim of this particular study is to look at the longer-term impact of having a particular relationship with video games and what it does to a person over time,” said Sarah Coyne, a professor of family life at BYU and lead author of the research. “To see the impact, we examined the trajectories of pathological video gameplay across six years, from early adolescence to emerging adulthood.”

So, according to this study, we won’t have to think a lot about video game addiction, as video games are designed to be addictive gameplay. However, still, it depends on the person and how he/she engages in the Gaming.

Well, still, I like to throw this question on you what do you think about too much Gaming or game addiction, and how much time do you invest in Gaming?

For your ease, I’m keeping a URL for Harvard Research on Gaming.



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